The Fourth of May it is

Happy Star Wars Day!!! This is my kind of day. As you can see with my picture below. 😊


What a great day to share my love of Star Wars with the world!

I tired to do my hair like princess Leia but I am not very good at doing my own hair. So no go. But I’m wearing my shirt(shown above) & so far today I have watched Star Wars Phineas and Ferb, some Lego Star Wars, Star Wars episode 3, 4, & the beginning of 5. The family & I had to leave. Later tonight I told the boys that we will watch some more Lego Star Wars shows, they can’t wait.

Yes I even got my kids to love Star Wars. My youngest, 18month old Rebecca was dancing to the “Star Wars music” (that’s what my son calls it) 🙂 And my 2 boys…well they were glued to the shows & movies I put on this morning….well & this too….:)

Aren’t they just adorable!?!? 😍

Now my husband on the other hand…has never been a geek like me. I love Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Marvel, any super heroes, you know geeky things. Well my husband is a redneck. You know nascar, racing, camo, outdoors, hunting, fishing, yard work, shooting online games.

Ok now where was I…oh yes. We try to like each other’s likes & we do good. Well he has never really watched Star Wars & it was just so weird when he sat down with me when I was watching  the end of episode 3, he says SPOILERS

“did he just kill her”, in reference to Anki choking Padmaé.

Of course I said “no, not yet”

he’s was “not yet?”

“yea sorry babe I forgot you haven’t really watched this yet”

After the movie ended I put on 4, he was so confused on why 4 was made before 3….I tired to explain it, but he still doesn’t understand….ugh.

Well that’s what I get for marrying & trying to spread the joys to a non geek. 🙂

No, but I really do love him. And very glad that he tries to like the things I like.

Ok well that’s it for blogging today. Thank you for reading.

Oh & why don’t you tell me what you did/will do today to celebrate Star Wars day! 🙂

Until Next Time…May the Fourth be with you!


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