Day Life Mother’s Thoughts

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to every mother out there!

This week has been crazy. So last weeks weeks my husband & I have noticed that our Trailblazer’s brakes were going bad. Well it happened…my brakes are done. So now I have no car. Thankfully my husband has his work car but it’s only for work. Now we are trying to sell things for the other $150 we need for brake parts, I’m just glad my husband can put them on. Here comes the kicker we need to get this done by Saturday & we don’t get another paycheck till next Friday.

Now what is next Saturday you ask? My husband & I are going to see Garth Brooks in Grand Rapids(about an hour away) & we have a meeting with my oldest son’s new school. I have 5 days to figure out how to achieve this, but I have faith some how things will work out. I don’t know how, but some how it will.

So yesterday was Mother’s Day. Nothing special, my dad bought me 2 flower hanging baskets, from him & my kids. And the boys gave me flowers in pots from school. They were so cute telling me “Happy Mother’s Day ”

But every year on Mother’s Day my husband doesn’t nothing. Last year he said it to me once, this year nothing. It’s not because he doesn’t love me or because he forgot or didn’t know. It’s because of his mom.

She will be gone 4 years on June 15th. Every Mother’s Day it’s the same. He doesn’t want to celebrate it with me because he can’t celebrate it with his own mom. It’s sad but I guess I understand. I love him no matter what.

So yesterday, of course we stayed home, can’t drive the car. So I did some cleaning, watched Thor 2, played with the kids, FaceTimed my mom, got the boy’s birthday invitations ready to put in backpacks for school today, & exercised while watching Once Upon A Time.

Just before bed I started to feel weird. My stomach ache, like it is now. So I just laid down & went to bed. An hour later, I woke up shaking, freezing! I cranked the heat, grabbed my sweatshirt, & laid on top of the heater. After 10 minutes of that I was finally warm & I got back in my bed.

I’m starting to feel like that again. But not as bad. I have a feeling it as to do with my Thrive I have been talking for almost 2 months. I love this stuff, I also 3lbs from last week. And all I have been doing is my Thrive in the morning. I need to exercise daily & drink lots of water. But I haven’t. Yesterday I did though. And I am thrilled for myself. I’m down 13lbs in these 2months!!!!

So now that I wrote what I have been feeling. Time to talk about Mothers.


We have it ruff. This picture above explains me. I love my kids but I feel like everyday I am screwing up. “I am a crap mom” “Why can’t I understand” “Why can’t I have patience” “Why does other mom’s make it look so easy”

These are my thoughts that think to myself a few times a week. I know I am not alone, but it’s still not easy. But I just need to be strong, stay strong, & know I can be the best mom I want to be with love. I hope that if you are reading this & feel the same way, that you can be strong, & know you are not alone.

Express your feeling below if you want.

Until Next Time…Happy Late Mother’s Day!!




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