Day What A

What a day!

6:30am- I wake up to boys laughing & running though the house while Hubby is cuddle beside me sweetly trying to wake me.

A few minutes later, as I’m trying to wake up I hear baby girl waking up through the baby monitor.

I got the kids breakfast & started doing a few things around the house.

8:30am Hubby is outside mowing the lawn. By 10:30 we finally have to kids in the car to head to my mother’s house. We dropped them off & drive the short distance to my grandmother-in-laws house.

She is my grandma too. I love her just as much. She asked if we could mow her yard today so of course we did. My husband used our lawn mower from our house & I used hers.

Something I should tell you…I have never mowed a yard before today. Seriously! I have always had a dad, step dad, brothers, or my husband do it. But after a few minutes I finally got a hang of it! Yay me!!! ☺️

After that we picked up my kids & went to Walmart. Where we saw HER! Now I have never wrote about her before but I will today.

So I try to be a nice person, I hate cussing, being mean to people, & calling them names. I also do not like to hate people, but HER I hate with all of my might.

A few years ago, she spilt up my husband & I for a few weeks while I was pregnant with our 1st child, Now yes it was not all her fault but I forgave him, I will never her. Months passed after the incident & we got a call from her. She was pregnant with twin girls…she thinks they were his…I broke. We spilt up again & after another week or so I went back to him, after saying he was done with her. And he has. Now of course if the twins were his I was going to let him be in their life’s, except the babies didn’t make it. I for one don’t believe the babies were even real but I honestly don’t know. I never seen real proof.

*Warning, I will now call her by my favorite name I have for her.

So we saw the Bitch today & I broke, we quickly ran right passed her. How dare I see this slut! I hate her so much for what she did, hurting me & my family emotionally like that. Ugh!!!!

Ok sorry rant over.

Any way it’s just after midnight & again I’m the only one awake.

I finished one birthday invitation for my oldest. (I’ll show a picture of it on a later day)

Now to finish the next kid’s invitation tomorrow.

I hope I can sleep, between yoga & stretches last night before bed & all of the walking mowing the lawn, my legs are dead!

One more thing before I leave you…enjoy these pictures of my daughter & I eating fruit kekobs after dinner tonight. ☺️

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you had a fun Saturday, like me….🤗

Until Next Time….Oh what a day I had…wait what? ☺️💤



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