Hates Me Sleep


I realize I write a lot about sleep on this blog. Mainly how it hates me.

Tonight is no different.

I turned the tv off about an hour ago(10:15pm), still no luck.

I thought I heard my son Hunter yell “MOMMA” “Momma”

Nope just my mind playing tricks on me.

And my stomach keeps cramping & aching, ugh!

Oh & my neck & joints! Why am I so sore?

And what? am I dying of thirst? Needing to take a drink every 5 minutes.

Am I hot or cold? I have no idea!

Please can’t I just go to sleep?

Hoping the 2 pain medication I just took can help me sleep. 5 am will get here too soon.

Hope you can/did get to sleep better.

How are some ways for you to get to sleep quicker?

Until Next Time…Your getting sleepy, very sleepy….I only wish.


5:40am-I thought I hit the publish button….I guess that shows you how tried I was, because I didn’t. I finally fell asleep about midnight. Then my daughter woke me up for a few minutes around 2:30am. Thankfully I got her & then I  back to sleep easily. Well husband is off to work, so I’m going to take a nap before I have to get up & get the kids ready for school in an hour.

Until Next Time…Check to see if you posted a post right after you think you did it. 😑😏


One thought on “Hates Me Sleep

  1. awwww, hate it when sleep evades us desperately sleep-deprived mums! Last night I fell asleep on the couch watching TV for at least 20 minutes, finished watching my show, finally got up to get into bed and then couldn’t sleep for hours. why? hope your sleep has come easier recently!

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