I have been a bad blogger. It has been over a month since I have even wanted to look at my blog. Thankfully I am back today. Someone had just liked a post of mine & I got an notification about it.

A lot has changed in over a month.

My grandfather died. He lived a long life but bone cancer finally got him at the age of 80. We lived about an hour away from him, but I still didn’t go see him as often as I should have. We knew his time was coming to an end. Sunday, May 22nd, a day after my husband changed our brakes on our Trailblazer, we drove down to see him. It was a nice visit but he definitely looked different; more older & fragile. It was almost heartbreaking seeing him like this.We spent a few hours just talking about my life, the kids, it was so nice. I remember he had a sip of Pepsi & he said it had no taste. It was so sad that he wasn’t eating or drinking anything. 😦


A few days had pass & my mom called me to tell me he was doing worse, she went down & stayed with him until the day came.

Memorial Day early morning, I got a call from my mom…he passed away peacefully. My mother, aunt, & my 2 cousins(who lived with him) were there next to him as he took his last breath on this world. The best reason we know why he left this world on that day & no sooner….it was my Grandmother’s birthday. I never really got to know my grandmother, she died in a car accident when I was one. But i know she was a great lovely lady & for my grandfather to give her his great present on her birthday just shows how much he truly loved her. He never remarried, heck I don’t even remember him ever going on dates, his love was family & Christ. Oh how I miss him.

When I was 9, my mom took my brother & I, & we went to live with my grandfather, aunt, uncle, & 2 boy cousins. Thankfully grandpa’s house has 3 bedrooms & a giant basement that we turned into bedrooms. I have so many great memories living in that house. My favorite memory was our 1st Christmas in the house, when my grandpa showed all of us kids his record player & played Up on the Rooftop. I remember my brother & I doing he movements to the song, my cousins laughing, & my grandpa doing the movements right with us. I will never forget that.

Well that’s enough about this. I really don’t want to get my keyboard wet with tears.

Hopefully I can write some more posts today about a lot of different things that are on my mind.

Until Next Time…Love your Family Often.


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