Pretty Time My Nails

Another night where I am awake & everyone else is asleep. Not new. I got my night chores done after I got my munchkins to bed. Hubby fell asleep after dinner, again. 🙂 
I put on Netflix & started watching Girl Meets World. I love this show! I have seen every episode but I needed to feel joy, love, & happiness. Today was a good day but watching this just makes it better. I also showered & painted my nails. So now I am clean & my nails are beautiful…well sort of. 🙂
Now before I show you my nails. I must warn you. I am horrible at doing my own hair, makeup, & nails…but I try. So here is my strange yet fun creative nails.

Told you they were bad. 😊
They remind me of high school.

When I would almost always have silly painted nails. I hated to have plain finger nails. I still hate plain nails but being a poor stay at home mom means I can not go out & spend money for someone else to do my nails. And most of the time I’m busy or not in the mood to paint my nails & wait forever for them to dry. That’s why for my birthday I spent about $50 & bought Jamberry Wraps. If you don’t know what those are look them up. 🙂 But today instead of using my Jamberry’s I wanted to go old school & be silly & creative(like always) with painting my nails. 😊 

Oh & my last post was my 100th post!!! Yay now to finish post 101!! 😊
Until Next Time…Be silly & creative & love! 


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