Challenge Hunter A-Z

Hi there all! So yesterday was “H” in the A-Z Challenge but yesterday was a busy day filled with errands & getting a new phone. I had the IPhone 6Plus but it would randomly not receive calls or text unless I turned it off & on again & that was getting old fast, so I upgraded my phone to a IPhone 6S Plus & it’s great. 🙂

Anyway on to the topic “H”. Well this is a no brainier. Today’s topic will be on my second born, Hunter. 🙂

One February day in 2012, my best friend & her boyfriend came up to visit my family & GR. It was his birthday weekend. While they were there she asked if we wanted to go to the museum with them, of course we did but my body didn’t. I got sick, a few times that day & I just knew then what it was. I was pregnant. Now I wasn’t too thrilled at this point. Being my    Brandon just turned 8months old, but I would love this child anyway.

A month later I had my 1st ultrasound, I was 21 weeks pregnant. Now before you ask, “how did you not know you were pregnant for about 4months?” Honestly I don’t know.  My  Aunt Flo was still coming, I didn’t gain any weight, & until I got sick at 16weeks there was really no way for me to know. This little boy was due August 14, 2012.

But his boy had different plans. On a Sunday in July, I went to the hospital with contractions. But I was only 36 weeks, so the doctors gave me medicine to stop the contradictions. I stayed the night to make sure all was well & left the hospital without a baby boy. One week later, July 14. I went to the hospital again with more contraction pains, 2 hours after arriving at the hospital, Hunter Benton was born at 7:14pm. The pediatrician that was at the hospital said he was a perfect, healthy, full term baby. So the doctors & I were totally off on how many weeks I was.

Almost 4 years later, Hunter is my crazy little monster. He is always full of fun & energy, & just like his brother he has a speech problems. But is getting better going to school Monday thur Friday, half days. I love my little money Hunter.

Now time for Hunter’s favorite things.

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Favorite tv show: Paw Patrol

Favorite movie: The Avengers

Favorite food: Paw Patrol candy(don’t ask me what that is because I have no idea, lol)

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite fun thing to do: watch Paw Patrol

And that is my middle child Hunter. A silly smart boy. 😍😜

Don’t forget to come back on Monday for the letter “I” & make sure you go back & read my letters A-G posts. 🙂

Until Next Time…Be a silly person like my Hunter!




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