Grand Challenge Rapids A-Z

Grand that you came back for “G” of the A-Z Challenge! Today this is kind of perfect because 1 year ago today my husband & I signed papers to buy our 1st house. Moving from Grand Rapids, Michigan. That is my topic today, Grand Rapids, MI.

Now I’m not going to tell you about its history or all of its many interesting events or places to go. But instead I will tell you about my experience living there for only about 3 years.


In January of 2012, my husband, our 7 month old boy & myself moved to Grand Rapids. I wasn’t too keen of moving to this big city. But it was a spur of the moment decision we had to make. One of the reasons we did move there was because my dad lived there. From January to April 1st we lived in a hotel where my dad was the general manager. During this time I found out I was pregnant with my second son. Finally the end of March, we found out my dad’s roommate was moving out of my dad’s house & we moved in.

I kind of miss leaving there. It was fun living there with so much fun stuff to do not too far from me. And I miss leaving there because I was so close to everything. Now it takes me 10minutes to get food or gas. But moving away meant that my family & I were finally on our own. I love my dad but living on our own is just great.

During these 3 years of living in Grand Rapids, I went to many fun places & events that Grand Rapids has to offer. If you never find yourself in Grand Rapids you need to check out at least one of these places. 🙂

These are not in any certain order.

  1. Craig’s Cruisers
  2. John Ball Zoo
  3. Fredrick Meijer Gardens
  4. Grand Rapids Public Museum
  5. Grand Rapids Children Museum
  6. Gerald R Ford Museum

Don’t forget all of the different events that happened year around. I’ve been to Whitecaps Baseball games, Griffin hockey games at Van Andel Area. Not to mention the many concerts/kid events I went to Van Andel. I can’t forget ArtPrize, Irish On Ionia, LaughFest, parades, festivals, boat show, car show, the malls, the stores! so many things to do on any given day. I would go to to see what was going on that day.

I hope you enjoyed my “G” post. Make sure you go back & check my older posts if you haven’t already. 🙂

Now for your enjoyment a few pictures throughout my years living in GR.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until Next Time…Get Grand!


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