And Doorknobs Frozen Dogs

So it’s 6am on a Saturday & I’m awake. I woke up at 5:30 to dogs at my face telling me they needed to go outside. So I get out of bed & walk to the door with dogs closely following me. I open the door & look what I see again!


That’s right more snow! It was snowing last night before I went to bed but I was hoping it would melt, like it has been doing all week! And I really thought we were done with this crap. It’s April 9th & crazy Mother Nature wants to have Sprinter (Spring/Winter)!

Anyway I go to open the screen & guess what? I can’t! The knob on the outside of the door is frozen. Ugh! So I try to hit it, like I have in the past, normally a minute later it breaks the ice & lets open the door…not this time. So I took a piece of block wood my husband has in the house & nicely hit the handle with it.mind you I got 3 dogs dancing behind me telling me I need to open that door.

So after 5minutes of this not working, I got my boots & coat on & unlocked the back door. Now before you ask, why didn’t you just do that in the 1st place? Well see we don’t use our back door very much & I have the dog leases in the front of the yard.

So I grabbed a bottle of hot water that I just made up & went out the back door. I then walked around the house in the snow & got to the front door. I poured the hot water on the knob & it let lose & after a minute of twisting it, IT FINALLY OPENED!!!!

My dogs were thrilled! 🙂

Well ok, I should go lay back down. Maybe I will get an hour more of sleep before a kid wakes up. Did I mention I didn’t fall asleep till after midnight? Ugh. 💤💤💤

Until Next Time…I hate Sprinter!


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