Crazy Mamma & Mia! Weather


So yesterday I wrote a post about it snowing in April (April In Snowing) & in that post I showed you the picture on the left…well just over 24 hours after I took picture #1,  I took picture #2. And now(10:30pm) it’s raining. Michigan is just so crazy with the weather.

I can hear the rain now hit the roof of my house, over Mamma Mia! playing on my tv quietly. 🙂 Again it’s 10:30 at night & my husband is sleeping next to me but I’m not tired just yet. 🙂 I just want to spend some blogging time alone since tomorrow is the start of Spring Break…that means no school for my boys at all this week. But I will manage. Nothing I can’t handle. 😊

But I am getting distracted by this movie.


Of course I have seen Mamma Mia! before, I have it on DvD, but for some reason I just can’t turn it off. 🙂 Such a silly, amusing, great, musical movie. 😊

Well I hope you have a great night & hopefully we/I won’t be seeing anymore snow til at least November. 😃

Until Next Time…🎶Mamma mia, here I go again🎶


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