Abortion Thoughts on My

So I really do not like conflict & I know I’m going to have a few people disagree on what I have to say but here it goes. I just really want to speak my mind on this one.

So I saw this article on a friend’s FB page just a few minutes ago & it got me so upset.

“I’m glad I aborted my baby”

Having reading some of the article this is what I commented on my friend’s post.

“I’m trying to read this article in its entirety as well, but I just can’t do it. But the lines “it was a total accident” & “I’m glad I aborted my baby” make me furious! You did something to let that “accident” happen. The least you can do is spend 9months carrying the baby & giving the baby up to a family who wants it!”

After I wrote this comment, I did finish the article, but I still feel the same way. Abortion is wrong.

Yet I do feel that these women who want abortion should be more educated on what they are actually doing to this unborn child before they do it. And maybe if these woman have even more resources to help with the pregnancy, whether it be support in either mental, emotional, or physical I feel it would help them so much.

But that is my thoughts on this matter.

What do you think?

Now I want this to be a safe place. You can express whatever you want on this matter. And I do not want ANYONE to disrespect your thoughts & feelings, just like I hope you won’t disrespect mine as well. Just please be kind. Thank you.

Until Next Time…This is a safe place & these are my thoughts.




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