People Appreciate


Sorry it’s been a while since I posted. Yea, I know I posted that small piece about FB live video the other day but that doesn’t count.

It has been just weird & crazy since I posted about Thrive. I’m still Thrivin’ & it’s doing fine but it’s not what I expected. First I didn’t want to do anything, I felt tired & lazy & very very sleepy. Then my stomach ached & I got sick. Finally I found out my body was detoxing(which I totally understand). But that is all over & I’m feeling good. I’m on day 19 & going strong I have even lost some weight, at least 5lbs. 🙂 I’ll check tomorrow on exact amount.

Well any way I saw this quote on a friend’s FB status today & I just loved it so much I knew I needed to write about it.

To me, this is a sad, yet true quote. When I know I am appreciated for something I do, I will do it often & love doing it. I will also feel better about myself to. I love feeling appreciated for things even small things…cleaning, cooking, running errands, paying bills, giving my kids a bath. I just wish I would get appreciated more often…

Sorry I really don’t want to go there. My husband & I are not really seeing eye to eye at the moment. And this happens a lot. But I really do love him, we are just having one of our many fun married spats.

But anyway back to be appreciated. I want you to do something….now you really don’t have to but I would appreciate if you would. I would appreciate if you told 3 people that you appreciate something about them. 🙂 I’ll even give you a week after you read this. 🙂 It could be to a family member, a friend, a love one, a coworker, a boss, a stranger, a old friend or Facebook, even a fellow blogger. I know everyone loves to hear it. So just do it!!!!


Until Next Time…Appreciate People!!


One thought on “People Appreciate

  1. Honestly, I try to tell my hubby as often as possible how much I appreciate him. And I know he’d attest to that. He works so hard so I can stay home, raise our kids, and go to school. And I’m lucky to say I know how much he appreciates me too! Guys just sometimes have a harder time with showing it but I’m sure your husband appreciates you as well.. 🙂

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