Thriving of 1 Day

Today I starting Thriving. It went well but I haven’t really notice anything different yet…Which is fine, these things can take time.

I woke up & took the two capsules as soon as I got out of bed. I then sent my timer for 20minutes, let the dogs out, went to the bathroom, & starting getting myself & the kids some clothes for the day. Timer went off & I mixed my shake mix in 8ounces of water. It tastes better than I expected. After I finished the drink quickly I went to put on my patch. My only problem is I forgot to clean the spot on my arm where I put it, so it fell off this evening. But I now know better for tomorrow. I know I can do this!!!


What I’m feeling right now.

  • I’m tired. Didn’t sleep too well last night.
  • Neck & shoulders hurt/sore. Like normal.
  • Starting of a small headache.
  • I’m in an ugh mood.
  • Stomach turning.

All of these things are normal for me. But I wanted to write them down, so I have proof if Thrive works for me.

I don’t want to do this but I need to…my weight is 201.8lb. I want to have all of this written down for my reference.

Good things I noticed today.

  • I had a “Let’s keep going” attitude.
  • I got some stuff done around the house today that my body say “no” to but my mind said “yes, Do It!”
  • I was having fun with my 4 year old as he took some pictures of me, so I can see if there is a difference between now & after the 8 week challenge. And he took some good silly pictures of me & I actually posted them online. 🙂 I don’t like to show my whole body online because of the way I look. But I didn’t it anyway. And I love that I did.

I am awfully tired now. But it’s been a long day & it is already 11:05pm. The kids do not have school tomorrow, so hopefully I/they will sleep in. Tomorrow is a Day 2 of Thriving & I can’t wait.

Enjoy some of my pictures today of me Thriving!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until Next Time…Be Silly!(Last picture in slide) 😋🙃🤗😜😸👅🖖🏻✌🏻️🙆🏼


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