The Pants Saved I

I saved the pants!!!

So my daughter Rebecca is not even 17 months yet & she is already using the potty. And she was the one who wanted to start! She is getting so big & smart! I just love her so much. 😍

Well earlier I went to the bathroom & she wanted to come with me, so I took her pants & diaper off & she sat down on her little frog potty. Well as she was sitting there I flushed the big toilet & she grabbed her little purple pants & tried to toss them to me, well she missed & they went towards the toilet, as it was FLUSHING!!! I had no time to panic! I grabbed one end of the pant leg as it was on the toilet seat & pulled them out.

I got them! One of the legs got in the toilet bowl but didn’t hit the toilet water! Yay me! Lol. I SAVED THE PANTS!!

After I shut the toilet lid & took the pants to the washer I couldn’t believed what just happened, lol. 🙂


My advice to you is to keep pants away from little hands near the toilet. 😀

Well that was just one of the many crazy things that happen in this family.

Until Next Time…Save The Pants!!!!


3 thoughts on “The Pants Saved I

  1. nice save! and way-to-go on the potty thing! It’s good that she was the one that wanted to do the potty, so much nicer and simpler than when it is a forced mandatory activity…these new kids are very very advanced and smart…they know what they want and when. 🙂

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