Sleep To Not To Sleep Or To

Question of the night:

Stay awake with my husband, cuddle, & watch tv



I’m getting real tired. But I haven’t had this time alone with my man for over a week.

The only way I’m still up now is because I’m messing on my phone. Otherwise I would have passed out hours ago.

Well any who. Off to cuddle & watch Gold Rush: Alaska on our DVR for as long as I can.

Until Next Time…Keep Your Eyes Open!


7hours later.

So I thought I published this last night & I was worried because I didn’t receive any likes or comments on it. So I looked & sure enough I didn’t published it.

That’s what happens when I’m really tired. I think I do something. Truth is my eyes were closing by themselves. They were so heavy. I do apologize for my writing above…it might be rough, but I’m not going to fix it…it just proves my point on how tired I was. 🙂

But now that it’s morning I’m awake. I’m still tired but awake. I hope everyone slept good last night & will have a great day today.

Until Next Time…I’m still tired.



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