Week This

Life. So this last couple days have been crazy.

Monday. Boys went to school after a 4 day weekend. I went to the store & accidentally got the wrong size blinds I need for 3 of my windows.

Tuesday. The boys had a snow day & Rebecca looked liked she had pink eye.

Wednesday. Another snow day & I had to take Rebecca to the doctor, sure enough it confirmed it was pink eye. The doctor gave me enough medicine so I could give the boys if they got it too.

Thursday. Yay! The boys had school! Rebecca & I stayed home & played & I started watching the Daredevil series on Netflix. My husband got home from work around 3.30pm, we played with the kids, ate dinner, & then he passed out just before 6. He has been working long hours this week, so I definitely don’t blame him. I played with the kids, we cleaned all the toys off the floor, & got them ready for bed. Rebecca went to bed early & I took the boys to their room & I put on Lion King. The kids have no school Friday so I let them watch a movie in their room while they try to sleep…they didn’t want to sleep. Finally 9:30pm they were both asleep. After getting my mom chores done, drinking some wine, & watching a little tv I fell asleep around 11pm. I did not sleep well.

Friday. 4am I wake up hearing noise in the baby monitor. The boys had their had iPads & were wake playing in their beds. I had to be up at 6, so I laid back down. But I got up many times, getting drinks, putting on the tv, or just a hug for some loves. 6am came quick. Got my husband up for work, Rebecca also woke up, so I got all 3 kids breakfast, turned on the tv & went outside start Charles’ cold car.

It is now 8:30am. And it feels like the afternoon. This week has me wanting to go on a vacation, but that won’t happen & I’m fine with that. I do really hope the muchkins can get a good nap in today, so this mom can sleep some too. Oh the joys of being a stay at home mom. But I love my babies & I will do what I need to do for them! (I typed that as I was yawning.) 😴

Until Next Time…Have a good weekend!


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