Les Leap Misérable Year

Happy Leap Year!

So I was just scrolling down on my Facebook & I saw this video.

Oh Les Misérable! I love musicals. My first BIG show was Les Mis when I a freshmen in High School.

I remember it like it was yesterday. March 30, 2005. It was a spring trip with my band class. We left in the morning at school & took 2 charter buses to Chicago. It’s just over a 2 hour drive from my high school.

First we went to Navy Pier, where we got to have free range on the place.  If you’ve never been the Navy pier it’s like a mall on a pier. 😊 My friends & I looked around, went to Build-a-Bear, ate lunch, & went on the Ferris wheel. After we got back on the bus & went to the show.

This is me taken at a hat/wig shop inside Navy Pier.


Les Misérable was at the Cadillac Palace.  The theater was so pretty & big. We sat semi high. I sat next to my best friend Christy. I remember this because part of the way though she had a nosebleed (which happened often with her) so I went to the restroom with her. I also remember sitting close to the canons that their had out in the sitting area. It was loud. 🙂


I loved everything about the show. The  costumes, the stage, the music. I loved it!!! I saw the 1998 version with Liam Neeson(btw, I love Liam Neeson!) So I knew what the musical was about but to see a show live in much better than any movie!

After the show we went to some Pizza Place…I don’t remember at all what the place was called but it was the first time I had real Chicago pizza. It was good. Then we got on the bus & got home late.

What a fun memory/day that was! The reason I wrote this post was to wish everyone a Happy Leap Year!! Lol. Well & to tell you my memory about Les Mis. 🙂 I hope everyone had a great Leap Day!

Until Next Time…Enjoy One More Day! 😊


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