Strong Kalamazoo-On My Thoughts This Tragedy

Good morning. So this last weekend has been really busy being my birthday & the boys having no school. But that’s not the only thing that happened.

Saturday I stayed up late, cleaned, took a shower, a watch a little Gilmore Girls. Just after midnight, as I was watching Netflix, I got on my phone & checked my Facebook. My cousin had just tagged me in a post about a shooting killing 6 & injuring at 2. I couldn’t believe it! These 3 crime scenes were in my town! The last 2 were just 5 miles away from my house!!!! And they still hadn’t caught the man responsible.

I even had a friend from Texas share a link to me about this tragedy, asking if we were okay. I couldn’t believe it was already making the rounds across the nation.

As I was watching the news about this I found out this was all random! He didn’t know any of these victims! So scary! Finally just before 1am the man was arrested. I then was finally able to sleep.

My thoughts & prayers go out to these families of the victims. It just so sad that this had happened. Don’t get me wrong. Kalamazoo has it’s problems with violence but nothing this random or horrible.


I’m watching the news right now, and I’m almost in tears, listening to the mother of a victim who is still in critical condition after being shot. I can not imagine what her family is feeling right now. So sad, I pray that she makes through this.


Also this man was an Uber driver! He even took a couple, & 3 men for a ride, after he shot the first woman! How crazy is that! It could have been worse, thank goodness it wasn’t.

One teenage girl even hid in the backseat of a car as the shooter shot her boyfriend & his father dead. Thank goodness the man never saw her.

Why did this man do this? So many people’s lives are changed for what one person did in one night.

If you would like to read more about this horrible event, you can click on any of the links from my local news station.

Timeline of Kalamazoo shooting spree

Kalamazoo rampage, what we know so far

12-year-old witness of Saturday shooting at Meadows Townhomes speaks

UPDATE: Kalamazoo shooting suspect charged Monday

The one thing I am happy about is all we, as a town, are coming together supporting the ones affected. My condolences, thoughts, & prayers go to everyone affected.

The six who passed away. I didn’t know you, but you will be missed.

We are Kalamazoo Strong!


Let me know your thoughts on all of this.

Until Next Time…Support, Love, Care, & be strong for each other.



4 thoughts on “Strong Kalamazoo-On My Thoughts This Tragedy

  1. I went to Western Michigan University in Kzoo, back in the 80’s. I have been fond of that city since then. Cruel violence like this never makes sense. May God’s healing, comforting, peace filled power be released to all of you.

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