A.M. 5

I’m up.

Its 5am.

Time for husband to go to work.

I let the dogs outside.

It’s a warm,


& the sky is clear.

Oh look stars.

Ugh I can barely keep my eyes open.

I didn’t sleep well.

“Let’s go dogs”

I let them in & walk back to my room…oh look I left the door open.

Gees O Petes!

I walk back to the door, close it, & lock it.

Back to my room.

Get my husband ready to leave.


We are still trying to work out the details, but I’m GOING TO SEE DEADPOOL! 😊

That’s my only birthday wish. 😊🎉🎁

Okay my man is off to work.

So I’m going to lay down, hopefully sleep, before the munchkins wake up.

Good morning/Good Afternoon/Good Night to you all.

…Can you tell I’m tired while writing this. 🙂😴💤

Until Next Time…SLEEP!


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