Families Big

I’m sitting here with my daughter getting my oil change on my trailblazer, listening to 2 men talk about family.

This was what Rebecca was doing while we were waiting. She is so cute! My little sweet pea. 😍

One man is a older gentleman looking to be in his 60s/70s. The other man is a strudy man in his 50s. The conversation between these to is wonderful. Talking about their big families and the different between back in the day & now. Families had 12 kids, they were rarely inside unless doing chores, bread was 5cents a loaf, and you got paid $1-$2 a day.(This is what I heard from the older man)

That got me thinking. Why is it so crazy to have 4 kids or more? When back then it was normal to have big families of the 10-12 kids!

These men were talking about their big families with 9-11 siblings each, 30 some nieces and nephews, & 35 grandchildren! I would love a family like that. Until my mom remarried when I was 13, it was just my younger brother & I. Then we got my oldest step sister, older step brother, & a younger step brother. And I thought we were a BIG family. I was totally wrong!

When I was younger before I even got married I wanted 5 kids, when I had my first baby I changed my mind to maybe 3. Well I’m at 3 & my husband keeps trying to talking me to have another one….The thing is I’m really thinking about it. I love my munchkins & yes it will be crazy but it would be fun to love & bring another human being into the world.

You might think I’m crazy! But why? Many years ago it was normal for families of 10-12 kids. Why would me having 4 be crazy? 🙂 Maybe in a another year or so. But until that time I will keep smiling & telling my husband he’s crazy & maybe. 🙂

Until Next Time…Smile & Tell the one you love that they are crazy. 🙂




3 thoughts on “Families Big

  1. I have 12 siblings ranging from 40-16 years old. And while I love having 10 brothers and two sisters, I can’t imagine being the matriarch of them all. As a mom of three now I have so much respect for my own mother for raising all of us 🙂 Can you imagine the patience it took? My husband and I go back and forth too about #4. Ahh what to do? What to do? 😀

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