Day Sun Shining

It’s 5:15am & today is already & heck of a better day than yesterday.

Yesterday was Hell. I mean if it could go wrong it did. I was drained physical & mental & the day didn’t end till I hit the bed. I went to bed woke up & the sun is shining!!! And the sun doesn’t even pop it’s head out till 7:45am today. 🙂

Today is wonderful! There is still some news that is will never go away. But we just need to live for today & be strong for others. Today the sun is shining on us, and it will keep shining as long as I want it to!

🎶Yesterday was plain awful, You can say that again, Yesterday was plain awful, But that’s, not now, that’s then.🎶

1,000points to whoever can name this Broadway musical song. 🙂

Did I mention that the points don’t matter. 🙂

I can only hope that the sun keeps it ray of sunlight on us today! 🌞

Until Next Time….Shine!!!


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