Days all of Day

Today is the day of all days.

Woke up at 2am after a night of restless sleep.

Sent my hubby off to work, went back to bed.

Woke up just before 7am after more restless sleep to find out kids had a snow day. Both boys started to wake me up, then my youngest boy, Hunter, threw up on my pillow & some of my hair. 😦 So then I had to clean Hunter, clean my hair, & strip my bed.

My husband called me to tell me our money we expect to get today never showed up. 😦 So we have been on the phone with 3 different places several different times. Right now they are saying we won’t get this money for 2-3weeks. 😦 But we are still working on to change this.

Today sucks. Let’s just hope this day gets better.

Until Next Time…Have a Better Day Than Me.


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