Me Better Be

I need to be a better me. I love myself but I need a change. I need to motivate myself more. Below are my steps to change.

Step- 1 Stop & think before I act.

Step-2 Delete apps on my phone that distract me. (As I’m typing this my head is telling me no) But I do not need to play tsum tsum every couple of hours. I don’t need to be on Facebook on my phone daily when I have a perfectly working laptop that I can get on daily.

Step 3-Stop laying down during the day.

Step 4- Clean daily! With 3 kids & 3 dogs there is always something for me to clean.

Step 5- Exercise!!!!

Step 6- Eat Healthy & eat less!

Step 7- Love more!

These are my steps that I need to do to be a better me. Do you have any other advice to be a better person? I would love to hear what you think?

Until Next Time…Be Better Daily!


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