Mood Cleaning

Yesterday I started to CLEAN. Now I get into these cleaning moods. They just kind of happen for no reason & I love it! Of course I clean daily but when I say cleaning mood, I mean SUPER DUPER CLEANING!! This started around 2pm yesterday.

1st I did laundry, so I cleaned the laundry room,  I decluttered, swept, wiped the washer and dryer, and clean the floor. Then the kids picked up all the toys on the floor. While I did dishes. After all the dishes were done I went worked on dinner. Whil dinner was in the oven, I went to Rebecca’s room & cleaned/reorganized it. 🙂 By the time I was done cleaning the boy’s room, dinner was done. We ate, then bath time.

Eight O’clock, I put the kids to bed. And my husband passed out just after that has well. So I did some more cleaning. I washed dinner’s dishes, then cleaned out the fridge. I cleaned off the countertop, table, & desk. I got rid of a TON of paper. 🙂 After I wiped down the stovetop, I swept & mopped the kitchen floor. I then shampooed both of my couches. At this time I had a full chair of laundry from doing laundry all day long. But it was already 11pm. So I just left it. I went to get ready for bed & I realized I stunk, so I took a quick shower then laid down & slept.

5:30am came quick. And my stomach was upset & still very much is. But I am powering though it & I helped got my husband ready for work, and I started to fold the laundry as well. Charles took the trash to the curb & went to work. All the laundry was folded put away & I had just finished cleaning the kid’s bathroom when my alarm to wake Brandon up came on. Hunter didn’t go to school today because of these lovely stomach bug he gave to me. I put Brandon on the bus and Rebecca & Hunter were still sleeping, so I vaccumed the whole house….I still want to clean more. But my stomach is yelling at me to stop. I have been taking some needed breaks but I just want to clean! Maybe later today I can hopefully take a nap. At least while I am writing this I am relaxing.

Well time to get my boy off the bus. Thanks for listening. Do you ever get in Cleaning moods??

Until Next Time…Clean!



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