CrazyLove-chapter 2

Have you read Chapter 1 yet? If not you can click below. 🙂                                          CrazyLove – Chapter1

Chapter 2

She had never left the planet before.  Anonolia was her home. But with her parents gone & her true love, heaven knows where, she couldn’t stay there any longer.

She traveled on the space transporter with her loyal body guard/friend. Neve was assigned to Princess Layla almost 9 years ago. His tall figure made anyone felt like a small child, but his strawberry blonde hair man him look glentle. This sweet yet strong, sturdy, young man was the only friend that Layla cared for…almost as much as Markus.


“Neve, I told you not call me that, from now on please only call me Layla. I would like to go on this voyage without being royalty.”

“But Pri…”

Layla started to give Neve the look, her bright blue eyes glared at him like a blade cutting through clouds, but he quickly recovered, & her face relaxed & soften.

“But Layla, we should be traveling with your royal entourage, one guard will not be enough.”

“Neve you don’t give yourself enough credit. We will be just fine. And once we get to Pretenscia you won’t be my guard, you will be my brother, and then we will trade in all of this Royal luggage that the Priest made us bring along & get some real travel equipment.”

“As you wish P…Layla”


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