Night Day Long Wine

Tonight is a wine night.

Boys didn’t have school today, because of fog. And Miss. Rebecca didn’t feel good the first half of the day. Then by the time my husband got home I was about to pull out my hair. But then he told me that we had a check come in the mail, so we went out to dinner. 😀 Something we don’t do that often at all. And it was nice but still stressful.

First we couldn’t decide where we wanted to eat. Then when we sat down for dinner, the kids were either trying to play on my phone or getting to all of the condiments & utensils. It was a nice dinner but after eating & running to the store for a little while I was exhausted. We got home, ate some candy, & got ready for bed. All 3 of my muchkins fell right to sleep after I got them in bed. Well I better make that 4. My husband laid down to watch some tv & within 30mins he was OUT.

Thats where this comes to play. I put in one of my shows & got my nightly stuff down. Then came the wine. I am exhausted & I don’t drink wine too often 😊(Maybe once or twice a week, or more…sometimes I don’t drink for weeks, depends on the day. ☺️) But today is definitely the night.

So here I am drinking wine🍷, enjoying a nice sweet melon candle🕯, & watching Catfish🐱🐠🖥 Then hopefully soon I can fall asleep. 💤💤

What is in your glass right now? I hope your night has been less eventful then mine. 😀

Until Next Time…Drink! 😊🍷


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