Burton Directed Movies If Tim Disney

If you haven’t seen these pictures around social media yet, there are a must! This morning I was looking on Facebook & I saw this BuzzFeed video my friend shared to her page.

I have seen the pictures on Facebook a few times but I love this video because it compares the original Disney poster with the new Tim Burton movie posters. So beautifully erie, just like Tim Burton’s movies. So creepy yet wonderful! I love all the Tim Burton movies & Disney movies! So again I just love these artworks. They display the wonderful characteristics of both Disney & Tim Burton’s styles.

I remember my senior in high school, I went to the movies alone(by choice, :D) & saw Tim Burton’s The nightmare before Christmas in 3D. It was wonderful. Of course I saw it before just not in 3D. I love the scary yet delightful style of the movie. Well that goes for all of Tim Burton’s movies. I especially love Alice in Wonderland & I’m very excited for the new Alice through the Looking Glass coming out this year!

What’s your favorite Tim Burton movie? Ans What do you think of these new Tim Burton/Disney art posters? Would you want to see a Tim Burton Disney remake? I would!!!:) It would be creatively differently beautiful. 😀

Until Next Time…Be Beautifully Erie!!


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