Day Review Labor

It’s Monday night. Hubby fell asleep hours ago from a long day of work. I put the kids to bed around 8 and then I laid down with a lit candle & bottle of water next to me to watch something. As I was looking through Hulu, trying to find anything I knew my husband wouldn’t want to watch, I found it. Labor Day.


Review for Movie Addicts Union.

When this movie first came out a few years ago, I wanted to see it. But I didn’t get a chance too. The only thing I knew about it was that it’s a romantic chic flick movie. I knew nothing else about the plot or story line. Which is what I love when watching a movie for the first time.

Labor Day is about a boy & his mother & a escape prison mate on Labor Day weekend who “kidnaps” them.

I really enjoyed it. Oh the feels, it’s about 20 minutes since the movie ended & I still have tears in my eyes. I’m not sure if their are happy or sad tears. Because the ending was just that.

At first I was a little confused, because the movie jumped back a little bit but towards the end all the pieces came together nicely. I really enjoyed how Frank(the prison mate) was scary/really nice & polite to Henry & his mother. He helped arounded the house, cooked, cleaned, taught them both to make the perfect peach pie, showed Henry how to play baseball, & helped Adele with her anxiety issues, which thankfully they explained toward the end. My favorite part was Adele & Frank. They both completed each other.

This is not your typical romantic movie but that’s what I loved about it. So good, in my opinion. But don’t just take my word for it, watch it for yourself, then tell me your take of it. 🙂

Until Next Time…Bake a Peach Pie! 😍


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