February Happy!

It’s February!!! I love February! It’s a great month! There are so many fun things that are going on in February.


February 1st- My step dad’s birthday!! Happy Birthday Mark!! 😊 I hope you have a great day. It has been a crazy almost 13 years since you married my momma & it has been fun. Love you lots my Markie!image

February 11-16- Tax money!! 🤑💰💸 I just finished my taxes yesterday, so I should see this money in a few weeks. Yet it will be all gone soon enough going for bills & other household items. Yet I do love income tax….only after I do the taxes. Yesterday I wanted to pull my hair out. 😖 But that was yesterday & today is today! 🤗

February 13-14- My senior year, I went to my high school’s snowfest dance with a couple of my friends. While I was there a guy I knew, but really didn’t talk to much that year, asked me to dance. I said sure, yet I was a little nervous I really didn’t want to dance with him. But I did anyway. See I liked another boy a little bit & I was hoping he would had asked me, but he didn’t. Well at the end of the night this guy gave me his phone number. I later found out he did this because he wanted me to talk to him only if I wanted too. Which is so sweet. 🙂 After thinking about it, I talked to him that Tuesday at school. I was sick on Monday. I only remember because there were so many friends waiting for me by my locker, including him. 🙂 After talking for a few days, he asked me out the night before Valentines Day. The next day he bought me a flower & made me a card. It was so cute. I still have it because that guy is now my husband. 🙂 This Valentines Day marks our 8 year dating anniversary!

February 21st- My absolute favorite day of February!! My birthday!!!🎁🎉🎈 Yet being an adult is less exciting on my birthday than when I was a kid but nevertheless I love my birthday! I really don’t have any plans this year but I am sure it will be great no matter what. I know one thing for sure. My dad will buy me a box of wine & my mom & step dad will want to take me out to dinner. These are both great traditions that I love. 🙂

When I was younger, I would count down to my birthday. It was fun. Only a few short years ago I stopped publicly doing it because some stupid old friends pissed me off telling me it was kiddish. I don’t care if it kiddish but those boys ruined it for me. But I still do love counting down for things.

This February will be fun! What is your favorite thing of February?  Groundhogs day?  Mardi Gras?  Fat Tuesday(mmmm…paczki! Yum!)  Valentine’s Day?  Presidents’ Day?  Black history month?  Leap year? My birthday? 😄

Until Next Time…Happy February!



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