Muffin Crazy Man And Me

So I’m just laying here relaxing on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. My two boys are sleeping, my oldest Brandon is sick, poor little buddy. And my baby girl just woke up from her nap. My husband is outside cutting down wooden pallets for a project he is working on. So it’s just her & I in the house watching tv and I decide to put on Stargate SG1. I love this show. As I’m watching it on Hulu, I go to timehop, an app used to take all of my social media sites & see what I did on that site on this day so many years ago. And this is what I see.


I don’t remember why I wrote this but that is just me. I am funny & random at times & I love that about myself. One day in high school I mentioned myself in third person form for the whole day. That was fun. One Halloween, I dressed up as my younger brother(2 years younger than me), he worn all black all the time. I wore his clothes (with a pillow in his shirt), his shoes(which were big on me),put my hair up & wore one of this favorite hats. Many of his friends thought I was him, I was just a tad shorter. I wish I took a picture but I didn’t. This was the days when cell phone cameras sucked.

Yes I love being random & weird! What about you? What do you love about yourself? I hope you are just as crazy & fun as I am, if not that’s cool too. 🙂 You be who ever you want to be.

Until Next Time…Do You Know the Muffin Man?


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