Exercise and Soul Body Mind

I just finished exercising.It was a short work out but I did a lot of running today & I still have to do some dishes before dinner. I would love to workout more but this busy momma is either too busy or really tired. So I workout when I am able. Today I used an app I love, call SWORKIT.


This is a great app for me. It lets me choose my workout time then it has me do different exercises every 30seconds. It even shows how to do the exercises right there on the phone screen. I love it! Today I used the app for only 5 minutes but it was a great 5 minute workout. Of course before & after I did some stretches & did a few yoga poses. Body.

I love working out with apps. It helps me stick to a work out. If I don’t use the app, instead I do some old exercises I used to do in high school when I was a cheerleader & some yoga I learned in College. I do enjoy exercising. It is just trying to find time to do it.

Just like finding time to write on this blog. And that’s what I needed to do & am doing now. 🙂 Writing helps me find myself, be a better person, & make me be more happy. Mind.

Today was a good day. Went to a doctor appointment with my husband & daughter. After Rebecca & I rushed home to get my boys off the bus. All four of us went to the other side of town & met my 2 best friends for lunch.

Taken my senior year, 2008. From left to right: Christy, Battsy, Me.

The 3 amigas. 🙂 It has been a long time since we gotten together. I wish we could do it more often but all of our schedules are just too different. Battsy(her nickname, since we both have the same first names) is a single, hard working manager at a big chain home improvement store. Today was her day off but normally she is really busy. Christy, married & one adorable little boy, her & her husband adopted. She works at an air zoo & the place we picked was just down the road from it, so she was able go there for lunch. And I was actually able to make it because I had gas in my car. It would have been better if it was just us 3, & not my 3 munchkins with us, but what is a stay at home mom to do? But I was just thrilled we were able to hang out again. It has been so long. We had such a fun great time talking. Soul.

How do you exercise your mind, body, & soul? 🙂 I want to know.

Until Next Time…Exercise!


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