It is 11:00pm & I should have went to bed hours ago. But I really wanted to write. So please enjoy my first fictional story on my blog. I hope I can add more whenever it flows out of me, like this one did. 🙂

Chapter 1:

It was dark.

And she was crazy. Crazy for love. But what more could she ask from this world. She wanted more. She wanted to travel. She wanted to look for herself. She couldn’t stop believing. She had to explore these worlds, to find what her troops were searching for, for all of these years.

“Princess, must you leave? So many people admire you, surely you can marry one of them? Please stay.”

“No, I can not. I have meet everyone in our world & no one is like me….they do not under…”she paused for a moment, dangling her bracelet around her wist, as she looked out into the dark starless sky. I must find him. I know he is out there. “You do not understand.”


“No priest, it is done. I must leave.”

CrazyLove – Chapter2



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