Mother Own Your Can’t Eat

“You can’t eat your own mother…it’s not allowed!”

Now why did I just say this. Because my 3 year old thought it would be funny to follow me around going “yum yum yum”. He is just too cute. I can’t get mad at him, trying to eat me & all. I started it. I always start it. I’m a bigger kid they they are sometimes. I love to have fun with them. First thing this morning we were going “Blah, blah blah” like Dacrula in Hotel Transylanvia. Then we were dancing around to “A dream is a wish”& “Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo” from Cinderella. Afterwards we were chasing each other like we were monsters. 🙂 I love running around playing, creating these games & building up their imaginations to be great they can ever dream to be.

Then I think to myself, I really hope other families are doing these things as well. Because it’s fun and if you don’t do anything fun then why do it?

That is all I have to say for now.

Untill next time…Be creative & fun.


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