Wrestling Baby

Sunday morning. The only day of the week my husband knows he doesn’t have to work. Today is relaxing day. Staying home, watching movies, playing games. But I’m not here to tell you want we plan on doing later. I’m writing this to tell you what’s going on right ow.

I am sitting on the bed with my netbook in lap. I’m on one end of the bed and my husband on the other. But its for good reason. My monkeys, all 3 of them on are playing in between us. Wrestling with pillows, tickling each other, beating each other up alll in good fun. This is a favorite in our house. Baby wrestling.

Rebecca is trying to crawl off the bed as the rest of us are pulling her back before she reaching the edge. Laughing. My husband just tied her feet on her pj pants together. I love this family. We are loud, crazy, but we have a blast doing it. My boys are now next to me with fist up trying to land a punch, both of them just fail, falling down “hugging each other”. 🙂  Now they are playing with daddy, getting trangled in his blankets.

I love hearing laughter in this house and this is what baby wrestling does. To laugh, have fun, & use up some energy. 🙂

Now to make waffles!

Untill next time…Baby Wrestle!


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