Wars Mommy

image Mommy Wars.  I hate these two words together. Why are we fighting? We are all moms, we all do same but different things. We take care of our children, we want to protect them, teach them, nurture them, & be with them. Why is there such a thing as Mommy Wars? I saw this video on Facebook earlier today & it made me want to write.

Why do some moms think you are better than others?  Unfortunately I think we all do it. I am not the best mom in the world. No one is. I try to be, but we are all human and no one can be the perfect mom. But we can be better than we were yesterday. I some times see moms & think why are you doing that? It is easier if you do this. (Sorry I really can’t think of an example at the moment) but I do it. I’m trying to stop, everyone, every mom is different. We do want we think is right & almost always it is the right way. There is more than one way to color a picture. Some use crayons, others use color pencils, or markers, paints, chalk, water colors. All color the picture, they might all look different but no matter what, they all look beautiful in their own colorful way.

Moms stop judging, stop the mommy wars. Just love. Love your kids, your spouses, your families, your friends and other moms. End The Mommy Wars. Tell me below what you think of The Mommy Wars.

Untill Next Time…LOVE.


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