Sleep Sickness Night

5:30pm-My husband fell asleep, before dinner was even done. But I don’t mind he went to work early and had a busy day, especially during  work he had to go to the ER. He is fine now & he went right back to work. He is just on more meds. 😦

I finished dinner. BBQ Chicken stir-fry pizza, a old recipe my step-dad would make all the time when I was younger. The kids & I ate while watching Lava, the Disney short. After dinner, I got the kids cleaned & got Rebecca dressed for bed. I gave her a kiss & put her into her crib. This was 7:00pm.

The boys & I then watched Inside Out for the second time today. At 7:30 I put Hunter to bed, I told him it was pushiment for peeing in his pant/on my floor for the 3rd time today :(, well that was true but it was also bedtime.

Brandon was being good just watching the movie & laying on the couch, so I decided to pick up the living room & take out the trash. Just before I went outside my husband, half asleep, asked if I could heat him up some food. So I did, then I grabbed the bag of trash & looked over at the couch Brandon was sleeping. I walked out & took the trash to the curb, I walked closer to the door & Charles was screaming my name. I ran inside to find Brandon standing up vomitting all over the floor. I comforted him & when he finished I got him cleaned up & sent him to bed. I thought, “well no school for him”.

After I cleaned up this mess, I checked on my husband, out like a light again. I put away his food & got me glass of Sprite & wine. This was 8:30. I then turned on Vikings, a history channel show I watch on Hulu when it’s mommy time & finished my wine. After two episodes it was 10:30 & time for me to sleep. But before sleep I went to check on the kids. Hunter was sitting half way up vomitting on his bed & crying. Poor buddy. I also looked over & in Brandon’s bed was 2 spots where he got sick as well. I got Hunter up & got him cleaned then had him lay on the floor wrapped in a towel for warmth as I cleaned & made this bed with clean everything, throwing everything soiled in the hallway. I got him up & put a shirt on him, then he got sick again this time on the floor in front of our feet. When that was done I got him cleaned again & put him in bed. Hunter was still awake as I did the same to his sleeping brother. I took the laundry to the laundry room & starting a load. When I went back for more dirty blankets Hunter was getting sick again! This time he listened to momma when I told him there was a bucket for him to get sick in. 🙂

I finished the laundry & found the number to call the bus garage. Thankfully they have an answering machine so I don’t have to get up early in the morning to call them. I then went back to the hallway & checked on Rebecca. Sleeping like a healthy angel. Thank goodness! Hunter was still awake in his bed so I just sat next to him as he fell asleep. And that’s when I started to write. It is now 11:50pm & Oh man am I tired. But I needed to get down my thoughts to tell someone about my night…so much for going to bed early. Even with doing all of that I would go a day without sleep to make sure my kids are taken care of wether being ill or otherwise.

Hope everyone had a better night then my boys did.

Untill next time…Take Care



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