Clean Snow Cream Ice Day

Snow day!

At 5am I was up, helping my husband get ready for work. I shoveled the porch, the walk, the drive & then gave me husband a kiss to wish him good luck on the snow & ice fulled roads. I got inside it was 6am, no school for the boys so I thought “yay mommy time” or even a little “sleep time” till they woke up. Nope.  Hunter my youngest boy woke up just as I was getting into dry socks. Then Brandon. I got them a little breakfast & put some cartoons on. As they were watching cartoons I jotted my thoughts about  Shoveling in Wedges. When I finished my Rebecca woke up & I got her dress to start our day at home. Afterwards I Facetimed my mom to give her lot of love before she went to her weight lost surgery. I am just so proud of her for the amount of commit she put into this. She was on a strict liquid diet for 2 weeks & we’ll still be on it for about the same amount of time when she is recovering. After we our short talk & the kids have grandma their love, I realized that we need more than cereal for breakfast today, so I made “WAFFLES!!” But not just any waffles, Mickey Mouse Waffles!

imageSee my mother-in-law asked me what I wanted this year for Christmas, and as seeing I have never had a waffle maker before I told her I would like to have one. But I asked it not be a simple regular waffle maker, I wanted mine to be a design or a face, like Mickey Mouse and sure enough I got it! And I love it so much. The kids love it too! It is so easy to make breakfast and unlike pancakes it’s hard to burn or uncook them, but I am sure it is possible. After we played with toys & watched Ninja Turtles. When Rebecca told a nap around 10:30, I was wiped. So I layed down while the boys played around me & took a light 10 minute cat nap. Now when I say nap I really mean, eyes half opened, paying attention to my surroundings but almost getting a little rest. I was recharged & ready to go. 🙂

My baby girl woke up & I decided we needed to have some snow fun without going out in the snowing, blowing, cold. So I grabbed a bowl and took some snow outside & had a snowball fight inside our living room. It wasn’t a big one just little pieces here and there. They had so much fun, so did momma. 🙂 We cleaned up our mess & I turned back on some cartoons while I did the dishes. After the dishes were done, I swept the kitchen floor, after the kitchen floor was my bedroom. I vaccumed & shampooed it likes no tomorrow. I was in a cleaning mood. 🙂 Just before I made sloppy joes for dinner I vaccumed the rest of the house. My husband got home & just finished the snow blowing when dinner was done.

After dinner I made a first for me…Chocolate Snow Cream. It made sense we had a whole lot of it in the yard. It was so good. I even have some left sitting in bowl outside. Yes I said outside, the blog that I found the recipe in said it sits better outside then in a freezer. If you would like to check out the recipe I used or the 4 other snow cream recipes on the blog post, check it out below.

After bath time I got the kids to bed, took a shower, & then watched iZombie with my husband. I gotta say I’m not a fan of zombie movies or shows, but this is not scary so I love it. Charles(my husband) lasted 15mintues before the show ended when he fell asleep. He had a long day at work. So after the show ended I put on Viking, a great show I started watching alone on Hulu, and had 2 wine sprizters. I think that’s why I wanted to write before bed. 🙂 Anyway I had a great fun productive snow day! Now it is 11:40pm & so should I sleep, 6am will come quick. Let me know in the comment section about how your day went, whether it be filled with snow or not. 🙂

Untill next time…Stay Productive!!




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