Wedges in shoveling snow


My alarm went off 2 times before I finally woke up. I turned on the tv and SNOW! Lots of SNOW!! School closing went strolling on the bottom of the screen, no school for my boys. Being in Michigan, snow days are not uncommon & were very welcome when I was younger. But now snow days means no momma morning time, but that’s okay. I love my babies. So as my husband got ready for work, I started to unsnow the porch & driveway. I put my hat & scarf on, then my coat, after that my wedges…yes I said wedges. No, it is not because I want to look pretty when I’m outside or because I love my wedges. But instead it’s because I do not have snow boots and my tennis shoes I have are not snow/water proof. The only other shoes I own are a pair of sandals and flip-flops. So to keep my feet dry I wear my only shoes that won’t give me frostbite. 🙂 It took us awhile but my husband & I got his car and the driveway cleaned off. I didn’t trip or fall, so that’s awesome but man on man I feet hurt now. 🙂 In another I can buy myself the best snow boots I can get. But that’s the price I get for spending money on my kids instead. 🙂 But as I always say “I can wait.” My kids are more important than shoes. Why do you wait to buy things for yourself? I would love to hear from you in the comment section.

Until next time…Stay Warm!!


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