What do I don’t know to

I was a freshmen in high school. My first boyfriend broke up with me before school started. He was also in my friend circle. I remember writing this piece below because I was sad. Sometimes to make me feel better, I write. It helps me get my feelings on the page. Whether it be sad, happy, or if I’m mad about something. I do this often. 

I Don’t Know What To Do
I don’t know what to do,

It feels my heart has broken into two,

I know how you feel,

I just don’t want it to be real,

I know you just want to be friends for now,

But I don’t know how,

Why can’t you like me,

But I see,

You like my best friend Christy,

But we know she has gone through hard times,

And she just wants to rewind,

You won’t hurt me the way you did,

If you just think about it again.

  It’s funny about this now. Because I have no romantic feelings for him now but reading this, I can feel the pain I felt. We never did get back together but I’m fine with that now. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt these feelings too. Let me know in the comments below, have you never felt like this?

Until next time…Feel.


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