Ready Mom were you?

To all the moms out there, Why?

Why are you a mom? Is it because you planned it? Or was you baby or babies suprises? Why do you keeping being a mom?

I knew I always wanted to be a mom. But I think I wasn’t ready for all the responsibilities. I married young, a year after high school. My parents didn’t really approve of my man or the wedding but they were supported of me and that’s something I love about them. We lived in a nice small apartment about 30minutes from family. I went to school & work part time my husband worked seasonal jobs. We were not rich but when we could we went to parties with friends or the occasional movie near our house. I loved going out(well I still do). But with me not being 21 yet it was sometimes difficult. Our one year wedding anniversary came & Brandon(my oldest) was convinced. I know this because I found out about a month later. I was 5 weeks pregnant and I did the math. My husband was thrilled, well of course I was too but I was also scared. (I’m a worrier.) We lived in a small one bedroom apartment, I  just got laid off of my job because it was seasonal & my husband’s job was slow in the winter months. We were able to get a bigger place to rent, but I was still scared. I read “What to expect when expecting” definitely a must read for all expecting moms. That still scared me but it did help prepare me for my baby.

Over 4 years have past and what starting just my husband Charles & I, have grown to 3 kids, 3 dogs, and this crazy couple of kids that got married young. I love my kids to end of the world. But I sometimes wish it could just be me. I know that sounds like a horrible thing to say, and I hate to say it, but I just wish I could have a night off. I night to go crazy, let my hair down, sleep in! I know lots of moms do this but my husband & I are still not rich & because of certain things we don’t get out much. Charles & I go out every few months but for me it’s not enough. I am home all the time with my muchkins. If I leave the house it’s with 1 or 3 kids to run errands, a kid event or to go shopping. But I only go shopping or run errands when both boys are at school in the morning, it makes shopping easier, faster, and cheaper.

I feel like I didn’t get to let my “freak flag fly” enough before I had kids. And now that I have kids I don’t get to go crazy and party. I do get the occasional bottle or box of wine(boxes are cheaper & last longer) & stay home and drink after my angels are all sleeping. This is what I did last night after a kid’s birthday party we went to. But you should know it’s not the same. So I ask you, were you ready for a family? Did you let your “freak flag fly” before you had kids? Do you feel the same way I feel? Please let me know in the comment section, I would love to hear from you.

Until next time…Love.



4 thoughts on “Ready Mom were you?

  1. Hi, I am not yet a Mom but look forward to it soon. I can understand your sentiments about having kids and all that stuff. I have sisters and friends who have kids, so I can tell that it’s no easy tasks. I am getting myself ready for that time when I will have to share my time for my children. I believe it’s a fulfilling experience that gives women a sense of completeness amidst the craziness of it all. Thanks for sharing. I have enjoyed reading your post. 🙂

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  2. I got married when I was twenty and had kids rights after college. My husband was an artist and I was a writer for a couple of decades. It was really tough financially. We focused on nailing the bills down, and life got a lot easier when we became debt free. The times of difficulty were totally worth it. I joined a Bible study with childcare, which gave me a chance to talk with other moms without worrying about my children. It was a great break once a week. We also went to a playgroup. I started an in-home daycare (I was home with my kids anyway, so why not make an income from it?), and we started swap-sitting with friends so dates weren’t so expensive. And we, too, celebrated with box wine. Honestly, it is surprisingly good and definitely cheaper! We also discovered that when we told the kids Mom and Dad were having a date night, they loved it! And they didn’t bother us with the normal interruptions and requests. They were thrilled to see their parents enjoying time together. Now my kids are 16 + and the house is often empty. It’s too relaxing on occasion. Stick in there and enjoy the time you have, but you are right to find a balance where you get breaks, too. Hope you find that balance.

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  3. Hello! I read your post with a lot of interest. I got married when my wife was twenty. She’s been the best spouse I ever dreamed of. What I can tell you is there is a time for sacrifice in the family for joy in future. It won’t be long before your angels become big boys and girls and you can fly to the ends of the world. Nobody believes our kids are not younger sisters to their mother. Twenty-six years after wedding day she’s still looking like ready for marriage. I do wish you and your darling family lots of sunshine.

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  4. To be honest, Ididn’t know I was pregnant, so I got a huge surprise when Sharen was born. Her father and I are divorced, but that doesn’t mean that I love her less, I love her even more, because I don’t get to see her all the time, long story. I wouldn’t trade my little girl for anything in the world, even though she drives me crazy sometimes.

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