Weight Healthy Loss

My alarm went off…I hit snooze 4 times(it goes off every 2 minutes) I woke up & started my day. I let my dogs outside, woke up my boys, got them dressed & ready, & then put them on the bus. When I got back inside my baby girl woke up, I got her up, changed, & breakfast. I then started to finish getting myself ready for a day of staying home & doing nothing…nothing but playing with my muchkins, finally take down my Christmas tree, & waiting for some guy to repair my husband’s snowblower.

It was when I started to get dress that I realized I had a really good dream last night!! But then I felt sad, I want to say depressed about it but I’m not depressed just really sad. In my dream of random things, I steeped on a scale. And my weight said 168!! I was so excited!!! That is only 18lbs away from my goal weight. But unfortunately I do not weigh 168, I’m not sure exactly what I weigh because I don’t have a scale, yet! But it’s definitely more than 168. This makes me sad, I want to lose weight, I want to be healthy. But it’s hard for me. I LOVE FOOD. All kinds of food; fruit, sweets, chocolate, meat, chocolate, grains, donuts, candy, everything. I try exercising but if I’m not busy, I’m tired, or cleaning, or my kids jump on me as I’m stretching or doing crunches. It’s frustrating! And I have told my husband many times to help me get my mind on track but when he does I get mad at him. Why? I don’t know why. I hate it.

I have tired diets, workout apps, Pinterest tips,  30day plans, promising myself to walk daily, to workout 15mins a day, or even at all. I’m not writing this post to ask for help. But to ask, How do you do it? My mom is having weight loss surgery next week and I commend her on her amazing commitment to this. For a week now she has had only one bowl of oatmeal and these shake thing every day. It’s apart of the surgery. I dont know how she is doing it. But I am so proud of her for it. She has always struggled with her weight, and I love her for trying so hard. I need to try harder. I need to be healthier for my family and for myself. So if you have any advice for me. I will surely give it a try. Hopefully 2016 we be my happy healthy year.

Until next time…Be Healthy


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