A Freshmen A Word From

I did it!!

I found some of my own writing pieces from High School. Mind you I graduated in 2008. So it’s been so long since I wrote them. And this piece is from 2005…WOW…10 years ago. I can’t believe it.  I’m warning you though what your about to read is rough! I found it, read it, and then I copied & pasted it here. I wanted to edit it because that’s just how I am, but I need to keep it original to show how much I have improved as a writer.

I was thrilled that I was exactly able to find this piece and others!!! It helps that I have kept most of my important emails in folders & that I have kept the same email since 2000. 🙂 Yes it is that old. 🙂

This piece that your about to read, is what I wrote just a few months into my first year of high school. I remember wanting to write something for my school paper. It was a small paper but it was something different for me to do. Again this was 10 years ago and my writing and thinking have greatly improved since then…but I am still a novice writer and I will improve more as even more time goes by. So for your enjoyment an earlier piece of my writing. 🙂

A Word From a Freshmen

A year as a freshman, no big deal right? Well some can say that, others can’t. When I came to high school, I thought WOW; this is going to be a great year…so fun, so easy. Well, I thought wrong. Yes, mostly all of the freshmen classes are easy, but that’s not the point. The point is some of the upper classmen, are really impatient with us. Most of them are really nice and help the freshmen out. Others, if we are not just the way they think we should be or want us to be, then they go crazy. For example, some upper-classmen yell at us in the halls or others in band will yell even if we are in the right spot. Life is a crazy messed up world, but come on—everyone is, has been, or will be a freshman. I am not saying that all upperclassmen are like this. Some of them treat different freshmen different ways. Yes, some upper- classmen that are our friends act bossy or mean as a joke. It is funny. But, others are not like that, we did nothing to them. After a year in that messed up middle school with all those teachers we were happy to get out. It is awesome to have more choices in lunch, bigger lockers, more time to get from one class to another, more chances to meet new friends, so many different groups and activities to choose from. Being in high school is the greatest, so don’t make it a horrible year to start us off UPPER- CLASSMEN!

I remember the day it was published. Many of my upperclassmen classmates were telling me that they had discussions about it in a few of their classes. I was scared & worried because I hate when people are displeased with me. I think that’s why I don’t write often. Because I hate people judging me. But I have gotten better. That is another reason I started to blog.

I hoped you enjoyed a blast from my writing past. And please feel free to tell what you think in the comment section.

Until next time…be crazy!