Do it how you?

“I don’t know how you do it?”

As a mother of 3 little ones, I hear this ALL THE TIME. I finally found the perfect answer for this question. But before I tell you, I should tell you why my family and friends ask me this question. Two reasons: my kids and my husband.

Reason one- MY KIDS: If you haven’t read my first post, my kids are 4, 3, & 1. I had my boys 13 months apart…not on purpose, it just happened but I still love them both the same. Brandon(my oldest) and Hunter(my middle kid) are my special boys. They are super smart, hardheaded, crazy and BOYS. But they also have speech difficulties. So because of this they both go to a special preschool in the a.m. to help improve their speech. Which I LOVE because that means two things. 1: they are learning, playing, & talking in a great environment with other kids like them and 2: MOMMY time!! Even though I still have my baby girl Rebecca, it is so nice to just have one kid for a few hours a day. She is my easy baby. But she is just starting to be a little handful explorer. But just like all kids they have needs and I must take care of all of their needs…now, or they cry. We are working on patience, but I am only one person with three little people to teach. That brings me to my husband.

Reason Two-MY HUSBAND:

I love my husband. We were high school sweethearts. Starting dating Valentine’s Day our senior year, moved in together September of that year and then married a year after. That was 6 1/2 years ago. At first I was the main worker of our relationship,  as well as going to school. But now I stay home & take care of our kids while he works. He drives for a medical transportation company, where he takes clients to their doctor appointments. Because of this we don’t know his schedule until the night before and it is always changing. On top of work my man has some health issues, so when he gets home he is always in pain and tired. So he is not much of a help when he is home….or while we are out. Again, I LOVE my husband. He tries to help me, he really does, but I think his brain works a little different then mind. Again, I LOVE my husband.

But our family and friends notice and for those reasons they always say “I don’t know how you do it?” At first it was hard for me to answer that but with experience & much thought I now say “I just do it” what else am I supposed to do. I can not not do it. I love my kids so I have to take care of them. I just have to do one thing at a time and to have patience with myself & my cuties. But of course that means that I don’t have a whole lot of time for me. But I’m a mom and I’m fine with that. Right now I’m working on making myself better and just doing it.

Until next time…Just do it! 😊


7 thoughts on “Do it how you?

  1. I found some of my early writings including my newspaper article!! I am working on a post now. It should be posted within 24 hours. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I will. 🙂


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